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Man's "Basic Instinct" Still Makes Him Guilty

"He was like, ‘I shouldn’t have done that,’" an officer recalled



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    Curt Schlinkmann
    Hide, opossum, hide!

    You can take the man off the farm, but you can't always take the lessons he learned on the farm out of him. Even if he's riding with the cops. It's just basic instinct.

    At least, that would seem to be the case with Evan Bryce Schuler, who was found guilty Monday of animal cruelty after he stomped an opossum to death while shadowing two Virginia cops this summer.

    Schuler, 23, wanted to be a cop. So to learn more, he went for a ride-along with some of Danville's finest. Along the way, the officers stopped to get gas. 

    While there, Schuler got out of the cruiser and chased an opossum as it ran along a fence, one of the officers recalled in court, the Danville News reported.

    "He grabbed a hold of the links of the fence and just started stomping," she said.

     Schuler then ran back to the police cars.

    “He was like, ‘I shouldn’t have done that,’” McBride said.

    You think?

    Schuler's lawyer argued that he was just doing what he did growing up on a farm, where 'possums killed more than 50 of his chickens. It was "strict, basic instinct," James Priest said.

    Right. Because when we see animals that cause us trauma, we immediately think of stomping on them. In front of the cops.

    Schuler, whose future with the police department seems to have gone the way of road kill, has appealed the judge's decision. His case will now go to circuit court.