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Manhole Covers Stolen in Fredericksburg

Thieves Likely Swiping Them for Scrap Metal Value: Officials



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    See any manhole covers down there?

    Call it the mystery of the missing manhole covers.

    Thieves have made off with at least six from the streets of Fredericksburg, Va., in recent weeks.

    "They are valued at just $100. They are heavy, up to 75 pounds each, and it takes a crowbar to pull one out of the street," according to Despite that, officials say they're assuming the covers were stolen for the scrap metal value. reports:

    On a regular basis, air conditioners, copper downspouts and other pieces of metal are stolen to sell. Scrap yards won't take everything though -- including manhole covers. They also won't take pieces of railroad and things that belong to power companies. Some, such as Summit Recycling, work with police to help catch thieves.

    The city has been unable to replace the missing covers quickly enough. Crews are using traffic cones and caution tape in the meantime.