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Manassas Man Racks Up Eight Criminal Charges in One Night

John Marc Mayhew, 33, is being held without bond



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    A northern Virginia man is being held without bond after allegedly causing quite the neighborhood disturbance Sunday night.

    Manassas City Police responded to a suspicious activity report on the 10300 block of Floweree Lane, where the victim says his neighbor, John Marc Mayhew, 33, asked if he could come in his apartment to check if he could hear his own music playing in his neighbor’s residence. Police said when the victim denied him access, Mayhew started arguing back and ordered the neighbor to punch him in the face. As the victim tried to close the door, Mayhew kicked it back open and then left the area, police said.

    The responding officer said as he was investigating this situation, another victim approached, telling him Mayhew had also forced himself into her apartment. Mayhew had knocked on her front door and then forced himself inside, police said.  After avoiding Mayhew’s many attempts to grab her, the victim escaped to her car, police said.

    Then, the officer reported, a third victim approached, saying that Mayhew attempted to get into his car. Police said when the victim refused to let him in, the victim said Mayhew tried to hug him. The victim told police that Mayhew finally fled the scene after he threatened physically retaliation.

    Mayhew was later arrested by Prince William County officers and charged with driving under the influence, refusal and hit and run. He is also being charged by Manassas City Police Officers with breaking and entering, abduction, disorderly conduct, driving on a revoked operator’s license and reckless driving.

    His court date is set for April 12, 2012.

    You may also remember Mayhew from an incident back in October, when he was charged with home invasion and reportedly beaten with a guitar.