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Man Finds Passenger Who Left $600 in His Car

Driver found plan white envelope containing $617 in cash



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    A Virginia man has apparently found the slug rider who left an envelope of cash in his car Tuesday, Prince William Today reports.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Reginald Day picked his wife and another woman for a commute back to Woodbridge. The extra passenger is known as a slug, someone who hitches a ride and helps a driver gain access to the HOV lanes.

    Day and his wife, of Dumfries, dropped off the unknown passenger known at a Woodbridge commuter lot -- but later found a plain white envelope containing $617 in cash.

    Prince William Today reports:  

    Thursday afternoon, he said the woman who left the money in his car contacted him after a friend told her about the story circulating on the internet.



    Miami Police Department

     He said she told him she borrowed the money to pay bills, and she thought she wouldn't see it again.

    He was certain it was the same woman based on what he had said to her when she first got in his car, and now they've arranged to meet to return the money.




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