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Man Returns Envelopes Stuffed With $10,000 in Cash

D.C. native returns $10,000 found at Las Vegas airport



    A man found $10,000 in cash, and did what anyone else would have done - tracked down the owner and returned the money. Mitch Gilbert tells Jim Vance his story. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011)

    A Colorado man is being called a saint after returning $10,000 he found in Sin City.

    Mitch Gilbert, who grew up in D.C., found two Caesar's Palace unmarked envelopes full of cash at the Las Vegas airport with $5,000 in each envelope.

    "I almost fell over. I couldn't believe it," Gilbert said.

    After opening the envelopes when he got home, he immediately called the airport.

    "I wanted to show my kids the right thing to do," Gilbert said. "I said somebody has got to be missing this."

    The airport would not take his name because it was against the rules,  but Caesar’s Palace eventually helped Gilbert get in contact with a man in El Paso, TX who reported losing two Caesar's Palace envelopes full of cash.

    "I kept thinking to myself what it would be like if I lost that money," Gilbert told News4's Jim Vance, "and it made me sick to my stomach."  Even though Gilbert's real estate business is slow, he says he never thought twice about returning the money.