Md. Man Jumps Out Window to Escape Robbery, Shooting - NBC4 Washington

Md. Man Jumps Out Window to Escape Robbery, Shooting



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    A shooting victim jumped out of the third floor window of a Silver Spring apartment to escape his attackers, police said Thursday.

    The man told police several people forced their way into his apartment in the 11500 block of February Circle around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday. The suspects robbed the occupants inside, and at some point, the man was shot.  He told police he jumped out of the window to escape.

    Police say the victim was transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

    A short time later, an officer spotted a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle at Colesville Road and Georgia Avenue. Authorities say the driver eventually pulled over, and all the occupants inside tried to flee.  They were all apprehended and are being questioned by police.

    There's no word on how many people were taken into custody.

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