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Man Attacked by Dogs in Front of Sons

Dogs ran off when one of his sons threw a shoe at them



    Father Attacked by Dogs in Front of Sons

    A father was attacked by two dogs this afternoon in front of his two sons. News4's Darcy Spencer spoke exclusively with the kids who helped save their dad's life (Published Monday, July 16, 2012)

    A man attacked by two pitbulls was saved by his two sons late yesterday.

    The attack happened yesterday afternoon along South Oakland Street in Arlington. Max Fornada says he got out of his truck in front of his house and the pitbulls -- which reportedly belonged to neighbors -- charged.

    When he tried to scare them off his property - he says he was bitten at least a dozen times.

    That's when Fornada's son ran out of the house and threw a shoe at the dogs to scare them off.

    One dog was killed by police and the other taken into custody by animal control.