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Severn Man Arrested After Carjacking, Robbery

Police says man tried to rob convenience store of money, settled for cigarettes



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    A Severn man is in custody after police say he carjacked a cabdriver at gunpoint, stole the driver's wallet, and attempted to rob a convenience store.

    Police arrested 29-year-old Christopher Michael Fay at a fast food restaurant in Glen Burnie after the driver went to police. The driver said that he had picked up Fay as a fare in a parking lot shortly before 8 p.m.

    After getting in the cab, Fay allegedly pointed a gun at the cab driver and demanded his wallet. The driver complied and proceeded to drive Fay to various locations in the area. One of those locations was the Dash In convenience store. Fay allegedly made the driver enter the store with him to ensure the latter man wouldn't drive away.

    According to the driver, Fay demanded that another customer hand over his wallet. The customer refused. Fay then demanded that the cashier open the register. That request was also refused. After demanding and receiving a pack of cigarettes, Fay left the store and and eventually left the cab. Police found him shortly thereafter.

    Fay has been charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, and carjacking, among other offenses. no injuries were reported.