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Man Accused of Peeping on Showering Female Student at Hood College

Residents say man snuck into women's shower stall



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    In a scene that could have been in the movie Revenge of the Nerds, an intruder was arrested for allegedly sneaking into a co-ed dorm at Hood College and ogling while a female student showered.

    The male suspect was caught by Memorial Hall dorm residents hiding inside a shower stall in the women’s bathroom, police said.  While the intruder watched,  a co-ed was in another stall showering, according to police.

    Frederick police say 29-year-old Justin Morgan of Frederick was arrested Thursday by an officer who was on the college campus helping with a theft investigation. Authorities say the officer was called to the women's bathroom of Memorial Hall, where he found Young leaving the building.

    When asked what he was doing in the student dormitory, the 29-year-old changed his story several times, according to the officer.  However, witnesses on campus told the officer they watched Young sneak in through a dormitory entrance and enter the female bathroom.  Witnesses said a female student was in the bathroom showering when Young slipped in, police reported.

    Young was arrested, and has been charged with several crimes, including "conducting surveillance in a private place without consent."  He was also charged with trespassing.