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MPD Officer Gets 180-Day Sentence After Sting Arrest

One of three MPD officers arrested in Feburary



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    A Metropolitan Police Department Officer received a 180-day sentence for attempted receiving of stolen property.

    Dioni Fernandez, an 8-year veteran of the force, was arrested in February along with two other officers in an internal sting.

    The three officers attempted to purchase electronics, including iPads, which they believed to be stolen.

    Prosecutors said Fernandez was driving his police vehicle when he picked up one of the iPads in the case.

    Fernandez was found guilty in December after a 4-day trial.

    The other two officers, Silvestre Bonilla and Guillermo Ortiz, pleaded guilty before Fernandez's trial.  Bonilla received a three-month sentence, while Ortiz received supervised probation.