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MD Speed Cameras Rake in Millions

Responsible for nearly 400,000 speeding tickets since January



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    Speed cameras in Maryland work zones, seem to be slowing drivers down, and making millions of dollars while doing it.
    A new report out this morning shows that in the months of August, September, and October, the cameras on I495 from University Boulevard to New Hampshire Avenue were responsible for over 20,000 citations alone.

    Across the entire state, work zone cameras helped write nearly 400,000 speeding tickets for going 12 mph or over since January 2011, according to AAA.  The auto club calculates that all of those tickets cost drivers $16 million in fines.

    Highway officials say drivers have dropped their speed by an average of 5 miles per hour in work zones with cameras.  Maryland State Police said that they've seen a drop in speeding as well - officers report a 65 reduction in the number of drivers breaking the speed limit by 10 mph or over.

    “Maryland’s work zone speed cameras are having the desired effects: decreasing the number of speeders in highway construction zones in the region and across the state and reducing the number and the severity of crashes in the work zones,” said John Townsend, spokesperson for AAA.