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Maryland Bandits Crave Panties, Toothbrushes

Some people have strange kinks



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    Hide! Hide before you're caught!

    What exactly would someone do with $5,000 worth of stolen bras and panties?  Hmm, we probably really don't want to know the answer.

    Police in Washington County, Md., are asking themselves that, and a few other odd questions, as a panty bandit is striking fear into the hearts of all upscale lingerie store proprietors. 

    Over the weekend, the Victoria's Secret in Washington County reported a bunch of missing bras, reports the Herald-Mail.  Late last month 43 bras and 193 pairs of underpants went "POOF," disappearing into the night for some nefarious purpose from the same store.

    The sheriff suspects it might be a part of a larger East-Coast ring, says the paper.

    If panty bandits weren't odd enough, the paper also said a CVS in Hagerstown was robbed of its toothbrushes.  Who'd need toothbrushes in H-town?

    Ahd how weird a kink does someone have to have to hoard underpants and toothbrushes?  At least the suspect will be easy to identify once they show up on Youtube.  Although we'd recommend not searching for it while you're at work.