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Northern Va. Community Reeling After Armed Home Invasion



    Home Invasion Victim Shows Others How to Stay Safe

    Northern Virginia bureau reporter David Culver talks with a victim of home invasion and her neighbors who are taking steps to secure their homes. (Published Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015)

    A Northern Virginia neighborhood is on alert following a home invasion and robbery earlier this week. 

    Carolyn Willman told News4 she was putting dishes away in her kitchen, when she looked up and saw a masked man with a gun in her face.

    "Finally I screamed because I was hysterical by that point, but my husband fortunately was in the next room, and so when he came over the fella was like, 'I just want money, I need money,'" Willman said.

    They didn't have any cash at home, so the suspect took their jewelry.

    "He took the rings off my fingers and while he was fumbling around to put them in his pocket, I ran out," Willman said.

    The suspect ran from the home as well, and Loudoun County Sheriff's deputies repsonded within minutes. Fairfax County set up a perimeter and flew a chopper in search for the suspect.

    He hasn't been arrested yet, but neighbors are taking extra steps to avoid danger.

    "We're making sure we turn our alarm on every time we're in the house, not just when we go to bed. We traditionally use it every night, but now we turn it on as soon as we get in the house," neighbor Annette Janeway said.