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Local Officer Marks 55 Years on the Job

Five-plus decades and no plans to retire



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    Montgomery County Police
    Montgomery County police Lt. Thomas Jacocks

    How much do you love your job? Not likely as much as a Montgomery County officer who just marked 55 years on the force this week.

    Lt. Thomas B. Jacocks is now the longest-serving member of any law enforcement agency in Maryland.

    He joined the department on July 1, 1955, at age 22.

    Many little kids dream about growing up to be police officers, and Jacocks was no exception. He wanted to wear the blue uniform since he was 6-years-old, according to family members.

    Throughout his years on the force, the awards that he’s most proud of are ones connected with his more than 25 years of service to the Maryland Special Olympics program.

    Jacocks celebrated his achievement Thursday in simple style. He enjoyed a piece of anniversary cake with his co-workers at the 2nd District Station.

    So will there be a 60-year anniversary for Lt. Jacocks?  It’s quite possible. The devoted officer has no plans to retire.

    “I never started out with the intention of setting a record, I just never got tired of this work and I still have to do something every day,” Jacocks told fellow officers.