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Local Leads: Moreno's DC Exit, Georgetown U Meth Lab?

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    Local Leads: Moreno's DC Exit, Georgetown U Meth Lab?
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    "A drug lab was reportedly found in Harbin Hall this morning after officials were summoned to deal with hazardous material on the ninth floor of the freshman residence hall after 5 a.m.  Pete Piringer, a spokesman for D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services confirmed that the lab was being used for meth or drugs, and some residents of the floor said they believe it was a synthetic marijuana lab. "It was a standard Hazmat response for us," Piringer said. Such a response typically entails 30-40 people.  D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services said seven people were evaluated for treatment and no one was transported for medical care.  All Harbin residents were evacuated at about 6 a.m. this morning, and while students were let back inside at 9 a.m., they were then told to re-evacuate at 9:25 a.m. The area between Harbin and Village C West was roped off until 9 a.m.  “There was a corner for hazardous materials in Harbin, but the building is determined to be safe,” Associate Director of the Department of Public Safety Joseph Smith said at 8:15 a.m."

    "Arena Stage's planned reopening Saturday will mark more than just a return to its Southwest Waterfront home.  Anticipation has been so high that reservations for the grand opening sold out in two days and tickets for the Opening Gala Celebration on Monday night -- which range from $1,500 for one ticket to $50,000 for a table -- sold out "right away," said Managing Director Edgar Dobie.
    And the expected surge in business in the area has one restaurateur scrambling to open a new restaurant near the theater by February.  In what has long been a quiet and neglected quadrant of the District, the return of the Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater signifies the beginning of what developers and residents hope will be a new era of vibrancy in one of the city's most storied neighborhoods."

    Seven seventh-graders at Middletown Middle School are spending this afternoon competing in the first-ever "You CAN Do the Rubik's Cube" tournament in Washington.  The challenge for the teams is to complete 25 Rubik's cubes as quickly as possible. On Wednesday night, the Middletown students finished in 5 minutes and 19 seconds in the preliminaries, earning them the fifth of six spots in the finals despite only having seven students in a competition meant for eight.  The seventh-graders mostly practice on their own, though they've had a few practices to get ready for the competition. Derek Beet, a math specialist who teaches the Rubik's cube students, said the boys are not only getting better individually but also learning to work together as a team.

    "To appreciate Jaime Moreno's work the past 15 years, ride the creaky elevator to the fourth floor of RFK Stadium. Step into the 1960s-era lobby and amble toward the three glass-doored cabinets. The 39 items on display - trophies, cups, plaques, flags, soccer balls - mark D.C. United's passage of time, and in essence, celebrate Moreno. You won't see his name or photo attached to anything, for these are team prizes. But when you take into account that United has existed for 15 seasons and Moreno, 36, has worn the club's colors for all but one of them, you come to understand the depth of his contribution to MLS's most decorated outfit."

    "Drivers looking to turn heads need only to get behind the wheel of the sleek E-Tracer to get all the looks they want.  The Swiss-made vehicle, an award-winning electric two-wheeler that can travel 180 miles on a single charge, is touted for its futuristic technology. But for those at the Innsbrook office park in western Henrico County where it was put through its paces yesterday, it was a spectacle to be gawked at.  It definitely gets a lot of attention," said Jim Lorimer, president of Henrico-based 21 Century Motoring, the U.S. distributor of the E-Tracer and its gas-powered sibling, the MonoTracer.  Peraves AG, which is based in Winterthur, Switzerland, manufactures the vehicles.  Lorimer was showing off the vehicle in the parking lot of the now-closed Moore Hummer dealership on Dominion Boulevard. As he demonstrated the E-Tracer's features, drivers pulled in and snapped pictures on their cellphones".