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Local Leads: ICE To Release Immigrant Data, Tax-Free Stuff

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    Billy Fettweis of Capitol Hill was planning to catch Metro home after a late dinner at Gallery Place on Friday when he got caught up in a massive brawl that officials say involved as many as 70 people, led to three arrests and put four people in the hospital.  "It was very frightening. We didn't know what was happening," said Fettweis, 24, whose companion was pushed out of a train car and knocked to the ground. "Who were these people?"   Metro Transit Police have charged three District teenagers in the fight that began at the Gallery Place Station about 11 p.m., continued on the train and spilled onto the platform for the Green and Yellow lines at L'Enfant Plaza Station. It is unclear how many people in the crowd were fighting.   The Gallery Place neighborhood in Northwest Washington has become a popular hangout for teenagers, and the D.C. police department has enhanced its presence in the area.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials will release to Prince William authorites the identities and final disposition of every convicted criminal illegal immigrant apprehended in the county and turned over to ICE, said Chairman Corey A. Stewart on Saturday.
    Stewart indicated that this reversed three years of "stiff-armed" responses by ICE to the same question. "They've also said they will increase detention center space in Virginia to hold illegal aliens until deportation. It won't solve the problem, but it will help alleviate the prob-lem."   Stewart says "this data is the tip of the iceberg" and will show that millions of convicted criminal illegal aliens in this country have been released while awaiting deportation.   "This is not a small number we are discussing. Americans will be shocked when they realize how many convicted criminal illegal aliens are being released back into our communities and how long their deportation proceedings take."

    Back-to-school time is just around the corner, and Virginia and Maryland are offering tax-free shopping to help you out.   Aug. 6 to Aug. 8 will be a sales tax holiday in Virginia.   School supplies under $20 will be exempt from sales taxes, so will clothes and shoes under $100.   In Maryland, "Shop Maryland Week" will be Aug. 8 to Aug. 14. Qualifying clothing and footwear under $100 will be sales tax exempt.   The District used to do something similar, but doesn't anymore.


    Swimming in the rivers that feed the Chesapeake Bay after a hard rain could be as hazardous to your health as hopping into an unflushed toilet.  At least that is the key finding of a water quality experiment conducted last month by reporters at the University of Maryland working for News21, a national consortium of journalism schools.  The team took water samples before and after significant rainfall at seven beaches and recreation spots along five rivers that feed the Chesapeake Bay, including two in Anne Arundel County.  Their goal was to gauge the impact of stormwater - one of the fastest-growing pollution sources in the Chesapeake Bay - on bacteria levels in the water.  For comparison, the team also took two water samples from a household toilet, one while it was clean, and another after human feces had sat in it for four hours.