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Local Leads: 09/16/09

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    A Virginia judge on Wednesday set a Nov. 10 execution date for John Allen Muhammad, mastermind of the 2002 sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., area that left 10 dead. The attorney general’s office last week requested that the execution be on Nov. 9, but Prince William County Circuit Judge Mary Grace O’Brien chose a day later. The date, which falls on a Tuesday, was picked so courts would be open the day before in case they have to take up last-minute appeals, said Jonathan Sheldon, Muhammad’s attorney. (AP/Frederick News Post)

    A breakthrough in green technology arrived in Montgomery County Wednesday as Envion Inc. unveiled its plastic-to-oil conversion technology. The District-based company’s Envion Oil Generator is based at the Montgomery County Solid Waste Transfer Station in Derwood. (Washington Business Journal)

    Prince William transportation officials say a commuter ferry is possible, but it is going to cost big money. County officials have been exploring using the Potomac River for getting workers into Washington, and from Maryland to Fort Belvoir in Virginia. But the results of a new feasibility study released Tuesday state that $30 million in improvements are needed before the first boat launches. The study examined the potential for ferry service between Prince William and Fairfax counties in Virginia and Prince George's and Charles counties in Maryland. (Insidenova.com)

    Maryland began its pursuit of offshore wind generation Tuesday, a move that could lead to building 400-foot-tall turbines off Ocean City. The Maryland Energy Administration asked wind developers to express their interest in building industrial-size windmills a dozen or more miles off the state's 31-mile coastline. At the same time, the energy agency said it is launching a study to gauge the economic viability and environmental impact of such a project. (Baltimore Sun

    The dogs raised such a fuss about 10 a.m. yesterday that George Newman knew something weird was going on. He went outside his home in Stafford County's rural Hartwood area and looked around. "And here was this gigantic bird, walking out of the woods." A turkey? Way too big. Newman realized it was an emu. It strolled into the yard and started scratching around for something to eat, just feet from the house. (Free Lance-Star)

    Reston area residents have reported seeing copperhead snakes recently. They have not harmed any people or pets. The sightings have occurred in three areas, including near Woodbrook Lane in North Point, near the intersection of Aldenham Lane and Thanlet Lane and near the intersection of Post Oak and Ramstead Lane. The sightings are near the same areas where they were reported last year.  (The Observer)