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Local Leads: 4/25/11

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    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    Gazette: "Residents who live near Rosemary Hills-Lyttonsville Local Park criticized Thursday the school system's process for choosing to build a middle school in their neighborhood. The meeting, which brought out more than 150 people and school officials to Coffield Community Center, gave residents a chance to air complaints, suggestions, criticisms and sometimes praise for using the park as the site of a Bethesda-Chevy Chase middle school."

    Fairfax Times: "Following in the footsteps of Fairfax County's other major shopping malls, the owners of Fair Oaks Mall are seeking land use authority that will someday allow them to transform the retail property into an urban-style community centered around a transit station. Last week, the Fairfax County Planning Commission signed off on a comprehensive plan amendment for the Fair Oaks Mall area that, eventually, would allow as much as 4.8 million square feet of development on 130 acres, including the mall, a hotel, high-rise apartment buildings and offices." 

    Washington Post: "Virginia watermen have removed more than 28,000 'ghost' crab pots from the Chesapeake Bay watershed over the past three years as part of a federal and state effort to restore the crab population. The Virginia Institute of Marine Science announced the results Friday, saying the program provided clear economic and environmental benefits. Virginia received $15 million from the federal government in 2008 to restore the crab population, which had plummeted to record lows due to overharvesting, loss of habitat and pollution. The state set aside another $3.5 million to remove the 'ghost' -- or abandoned _ crab pots that continued to catch and kill crabs."