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Local Leads: 4/1/11

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    Local Leads: 4/1/11
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    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    Fairfax Connection: "Vandals tore apart a flower garden planted by young students at Eagle View Elementary School on Tuesday, March 22, leaving flowers and dirt strewn on the sidewalk.  “Coincidentally, this happened the night before our newsletter went out, which featured a story about the flower garden that was blooming, “said Jessica Chinn, an art specialist at the school. “Both first and second graders saw their garden bloom before the vandalism occurred, and they took the news hard.”According to Chinn, first-grade students planted the garden last year with funds from the PTA. The elementary school is located at 4500 Dixie Hill Road in Fairfax."

    Fairfax Times: "Although Fairfax County saw slower growth than its neighbors in the past 10 years, at least one subset of the local population appears to be prospering: coyotes. Neither the state nor Fairfax County has endeavored to officially count the coyote population, but local wildlife experts think their numbers are growing. And although state code classifies the animals as a nuisance, they might actually be providing some benefit to county residents." 

    Washington Examiner: "Maryland lawmakers are planning to vote Friday on legislation enabling local jurisdictions to monitor and ticket drivers using video cameras mounted on school buses.
    Under the bill, drivers caught on tape illegally passing a stopped school bus would be eligible for a $250 fine. School bus drivers would be responsible for notifying law enforcement officials of violations and handing over the tapes, according to the bill."