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Local Leads: 1/25/11

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    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    Baltimore Sun: "If you drive regularly along Route 100 in Howard County, you might notice the lighting is a little dimmer than it used to be. In an effort to save energy and money, the State Highway Administration has cut back its overhead lighting on a six-mile stretch of the highway. If results from the year-long test are favorable, officials say, the state could reduce lighting on other highways."

    The Daily Record: "Eating at home may be one of the few behavioral changes from the recession that stick. Forced to eat more meals at home when money was tight, people learned new habits. Some discovered they enjoy cooking and dining in. As the economy improves and families have more spending money, they’re still saving restaurants for special occasions.Restaurants traditionally have led other types of businesses out of a recession."

    AP/Richmond Times Dispatch: " The battle over a Walmart near a Virginia Civil War site is shifting to a courtroom as opponents attempt to block a Supercenter near the Wilderness Battlefield.Orange County Circuit Judge Daniel R. Bouton is scheduled to hear arguments today on requests for summary judgments from attorneys representing competing sides in the case.
    If the trial moves forward, a preservation group and local residents who oppose the store will square off against the world's largest retailer and the Orange County officials who approved the Supercenter."

    Washington Post: "Marriott International said it will phase out adult-content video services from its 600,000 hotel rooms worldwide, causing some to speculate that the Bethesda hospitality giant is responding to interest groups that promote family values.  "The Marriott family is known as being very conservative, partly from their Mormon background," said C. Patrick Scholes, a senior gaming and hotel analyst with FBR Capital Markets."