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Local Leads: 12/23/10

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    MarylandReporter.com: "Gov. Martin O’Malley probably received the top item on his Christmas list this year on Election Day, but constituents and well-wishers from around the globe are sure to be sending holiday gifts toward Government House to fill in the space under the tree. As governor of Maryland, O’Malley receives hundreds of gifts each year. According to records from the governor’s office, in 2009, he received 196 gifts. No totals are available for 2010 yet, but O’Malley spokesman Shaun Adamec said that many gifts have come in for the governor so far -- especially after the election. “He certainly gets gifts for the holidays,” Adamec said."

    Fredericksburg.com: "Best-sellers such as beef stew and macaroni and cheese are still on the menu in the cafeteria at Mary Washington Hospital. But visitors and staff can also sample Napa Valley glazed salmon or Hattie's jambalaya. And, if all goes as planned, patients at the hospital will soon have these menu items to choose from. Foods with an international flavor are part of the menu makeover that has taken place at the Fredericksburg hospital and its Stafford County cousin. Both hospitals are nearing the end of a 10-week experiment to add a dash of exotic seasoning to their food offerings."

    wtop.com: "A controversial local law against pestering some drivers that has only been in place for about six months may soon be changed. An ordinance for the Town of Herndon says you can't stand along a public street and ask for contributions from people in cars, or try to sell them merchandise or services. You can't pass out flyers either. It only applies on roads where street parking is not allowed. The former Herndon Town Council passed the ordinance in June, arguing that street solicitation is a safety hazard that distracts drivers. It took effect July 1."