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Local Leads: 11/11/10

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    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4: 

    wtop.com: "Better slow down for that yellow light. Some new red light cameras along busy commuter routes in D.C. are about to start sending fines.  Starting Friday, drivers who get nabbed by one of the electronic eyes will get a $75 ticket in the mail.  The cameras are positioned in three locations:  Connecticut Avenue southbound at Porter Street NW  14th Street northbound at K Street NW,  3rd Street southbound at New York Avenue NW ."

    ap/wtop.com: "What's black and white and read all over? Not the white pages, which is why regulators have begun granting telecommunications companies the go-ahead to stop mass-printing residential phone books, a musty fixture of Americans' kitchen counters, refrigerator tops and junk drawers. "

    Baltimore Sun: "The empty desks in the computer room, left with nothing more than dust and a few old cables, tell the story of the burglary as vividly as any anecdote. Thieves who broke into a private Christian school in Northeast Baltimore over the weekend seemed to know exactly where the most valuable items were, school officials said Wednesday, prompting the theory that the perpetrators are former students. The burglars made off with 17 new desktop computers that had been set up just two weeks ago, as well as sound and music equipment from behind a stage."