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Local Leads: 09/21/2010



    How Telehealth Technology is Revolutionizing Healthcare
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    Iran says Va. Death Sentence Shows Double Standard

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  accused the West of launching a "heavy propaganda" campaign against the case of an Iranian woman who had been sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery but failing to react with outrage over the imminent execution of Teresa Lewis in Virginia, according to state-run IRNA. Lewis is a Virginia woman due to be put to death by injection on Thursday for using sex and money to persuade two men to kill her husband and her stepson to collect on life insurance policies. She would be the first woman executed in Virginia in nearly a century, and the first U.S. execution of a woman in five years. (AP/InsideNoVa.com)

    Bedbugs Bite Urbana Library

    A case of bedbugs has left the book drop at the Urbana Regional Library closed since Friday. Four to six of the insects were found Friday as library employees were sorting through some returned books, said Elizabeth Cromwell, community and corporate partnership manager with Frederick County Libraries. "One of our eagle-eyed employees saw that there were bedbugs in a book," Cromwell said. (Frederick News Post)

    College Park Businesses Extend Late Night Hours

    Several restaurateurs who are itching to get in on those profits have extended their weekend operating hours with hopes of capitalizing on the nighttime crowd. Street Tacos made the foray into late-night dining this past weekend, joining other downtown eateries, such as Quiznos, Ledo Restaurant and Papa John's, that recently did the same. The newly-opened eatery will now stay open until 2 a.m. Thursdays through Saturdays. (Diamondback)

    With High-Calorie Dishes, Restaurant Chains put Obesity on the Menu

    Sometimes, American restaurants unveil menu items that are so gluttonous that they seem to be trying to stun the senses. This was the case earlier this year with KFC's much-discussed Double Down sandwich: two pieces of bacon, two slices of cheese and "Colonel's Sauce," with two thick filets of fried chicken functioning as the bun. (Washington Post)