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Va. Makes Liquor License Sale Plans

Va. closer to privatizing ABC stores



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    Virginia is one step closer to privatizing it's liquor retailing and more than double the number of stores.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell's staff is looking at four options of selling the state-owned Alcoholic Beverage Control outlets. Tuesday morning, his policy chief Eric Finkbeiner explained a proposal that would allow private companies to buy licenses to sell liquor.

    Licenses would be split among three groups:

    • The largest group would be food outlets like supermarkets
    • The second tier would include traditional big box retailers
    • The third tier would be for small liquor displays in convenience and drug stores

    Under the proposal, the number of liquor vendors would also increase from the 332 there are now to roughly 800 statewide.

    The state plans to adopt a formal ABC recommendation in late August. If that happens, McDonnell may call a special session in early October.

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