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Library of Congress Worker Faces Stalking Charge Over Fake Sex Ads

Several Craigslist postings each week directed men to victim's home



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    A Library of Congress film preservationist is facing federal charges for allegedly posting fake sex ads on Craigslist targeting an ex-girlfriend.

    Kenneth Edward Kuban, 61, of Reva, Va., was charged last month with stalking a Fauquier County woman he dated briefly in 2011, reported the Star-Exponent of Culpeper on Wednesday.

    Kuban works at the Library of Congress Packard campus in Culpeper.

    According to the Star-Exponent, the victim "told federal authorities she had to change her phone number and have it unlisted after receiving five to six unwanted calls per day from Kuban over the span of the several months after [a] protective order was issued. A new court order issued in Fauquier in December stated Kuban had to avoid direct and indirect contact with [the victim, 'no exceptions'."

    After that, authorities say, Kuban made several Craigslist posts each week from his work computer, directing men to his ex-girlfriend's home with the promise of sex or to buy pornographic videos. Some of the men refused to leave until she called police.

    He is set to appear in federal court in Charlottesville on Friday for a hearing to determine whether he should be freed prior to trial. Read more here.