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Lawmakers Want to Pick Up Speed on ICC

Ask for 65 mph speed limit



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    Senators from Montgomery County are asking the state to raise the speed limit on the ICC.

    Even the people who make the laws are having a hard time obeying them on the Intercounty Connector.

    Two state senators from Montgomery County have asked the Maryland Transportation Department to raise the speed limit on the new toll road.

    According to the Washington Post, Sen. Nancy King (D) asked whether the speed limit could be raised to 65 miles per hour because she says it is “hard” for her to obey the posted limit of 55 miles per hour. Sen. Roger Mann (D) echoed the request, saying that it is one of the most common questions from residents in his district.

    Transportation Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley has stopped short of promising any changes but said, as reported by the Post, that “you do get the sense that you could go faster.”

    Swaim-Staley says part of the issue with raising the limit is that the ICC was built in a highly-populated residential area where speed limits are rarely allowed above 55. She also said that the 10 mile per hour increase would only cut down a trip of the entire 18.8 mile road by about a minute and a half.

    The state is currently conducting a study on the speed limit.