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Lawmakers Push for More Coast-to-Reagan National Flights



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    A group of West Coast lawmakers on Capitol Hill is pushing for more long-distance flights in and out of Reagan National Airport, according to The Washington Post.

    They said that would make it more convenient for Washingtonians who travel to the West Coast a lot. It would also mean more money for the ailing industry. 

    However, nearby residents are concerned it would also create more noise and air pollution. Longer flights require larger, heavier planes.

    Right now, there are long-standing rules that limit the number of flights to destinations more than 1,250 miles from the nation's capitol. 

    Many critics believe the lawmakers are only trying to make air travel easier --for themselves.

    It’s not the first time the so-called perimeter rule has been challenged, but Virginia lawmakers, sensitive to residents' concerns, have managed to successfully uphold it.

    And hey, there’s always Dulles.