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L.A. Homicide Investigation Comes to Maryland

Maryland man found dead in Los Angeles County



    Authorities from the West Coast were in Maryland Friday, trying to figure out who killed a soccer player from our area. He was found dead in an SUV in California. But it's not yet clear what he was doing out there. News4's Richard Jordan reports on what investigators know so far. (Published Friday, Aug. 10, 2012)

    Investigators from Los Angeles were in the D.C. area Friday investigating the homicide of a Maryland man.

    Soccer player Dwight Henry, who lived in Laurel, was found dead in the backseat of a white Chevy Blazer in a parking lot in Torrance, Calif., in May. The 45-year-old native of Jamaica was killed in a brutal struggle, authorities said.

    Investigators do not know why he was in California.

    Los Angeles County investigators met with members of his family, who are grieving Henry and comforting his six children.

    “Life is not the same anymore,” said Georgette Henry, the victim’s sister. “We are like living in a different world all of a sudden.”

    Police hope the answers to this murder mystery will come from the soccer field.

    “He apparently is really popular in the soccer community out here in Maryland, and we’re hoping he might have told some friends why he was going to California,” Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Toni Martinez said.

    “We just have a feeling that somebody knows,” Georgette Henry said.

    The victim’s family believes the information that could solve the case is just a phone call away.

    “Anyone who has any information can shed light on this evil, this wicked act, we’re asking you to just come forward,” said the victim’s father, Ur Henry.

    “He didn't ask people for anything,” Georgette Henry said. “All he did was give. Just give him peace. Let him rest in peace.”