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Kaine's Got Milk

Outgoing governor makes milk run



    Kaine's Got Milk
    Got milk?

    What do you do in your final hours as governor of Virginia if you’ve just moved out of the State House? Stock your personal refrigerator.

    In what might be considered one of his last “unofficial” trips as soon-to-be former governor, Tim Kaine ventured out to a Richmond grocery store last night to pick up a couple of gallons of skim milk. He talked about the trip during a live video feed Friday with the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

    Apparently, Kaine thought he could make the milk run “incognito.” However, a savvy store clerk spotted him, then spilled the beans (uh, the milk) over the store’s loudspeaker. Despite creating a bit of a stir, Kaine was able to grab the milk and complete the transaction, likely one of his easiest tasks over the past four years.

    After wrestling with budget deficits, sparring with House Republicans and trying, unsuccessfully, to find an adequate funding stream for Virginia road and transportation projects, we’re sure Kaine could use a drink … of milk, of course.

    Tomorrow, he passes the goblet to Republican Bob McDonnell, who’ll take the oath of office.