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Juvenile Charged With Brandishing Weapon at Middle School



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    Alex Alejandre

    A 14-year-old student has been charged with brandishing a weapon on school property and possession of a firearm or other weapon on school property after he fired an air-soft gun multiple times outside the school with his friends.

    Goodwin Middle School in Woodbridge, Va., was locked down Thursday afternoon after a school staff member witnessed the juvenile student playing with what was suspected to be a firearm outside the building, police said. An investigation revealed the weapon was an air-soft gun and not a real firearm.

    The student fired the air-soft gun at the ground repeatedly, inadvertently striking one of his friends in the leg and causing a minor mark, police said.

    Police units secured the perimeter and the suspect was detained in the principal’s office.

    This incident was not directed at any student, staff member or the school itself, and no threat was made by the suspect prior to the incident.