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Justice May Help Close Case for Chandra's Parents

'It won't bring Chandra back'



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    Chandra's parents, Susan and Robert Levy, have been told that an arrest in imminent in the case of their daughter's murder.

    For the past eight years, Chandra Levy's parents have not given a lot of thought to someone being arrested and tried in their daughter's death.  But when they received the news from DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier that an arrest warrant would soon be issued, it gave them reason to smile.

    "We just hope we get justice," Robert Levy told NBC News

    "We can't say it [the arrest] will make us feel better because it won't bring Chandra back," Levy said, but he and his wife are anxious to have the case go forward.

    NBC4's Darcy Spencer has the full story

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