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Just In: Virginia Hates Freedom

Why do you prevent military personnel from voting, mean ol' Virginia?



    Just In: Virginia Hates Freedom
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    So, wait a sec. Just because people are serving their country doesn't mean they get to vote, too, does it?

    Oh, wait, it does? Really? You sure?

    Looks like the Virginia didn't get the memo. A federal judge in Richmond has ruled that the Commonwealth failed to mail 2,000+ absentee ballots to military personnel in time for them to vote in 2008's presidential election, reports the Washington Post.

    The ruling said the state should have mailed the ballots at least 30 days before the election and must now count all ballots received within 30 days after the vote.

    Listen up, Commonwealth of Virginia. You're already on thin ice with us, thanks to your traffic, your dearth of cupcake stores and your multitude of citizens wearing UGGs the first time temps dip below 70 degrees. Now you're taking away voting rights of our servicemen and women overseas? You know what? We're glad you're not really a state.