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Judge Urged to Overturn Convictions in 1984 DC Murder

The lawyers of the seven men convicted in the 1984 murder of Catherine Fuller say new information points to their client’s innocence



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    Lawyers for seven men convicted of a violent 1984 murder in Washington are urging a judge to overturn their clients' convictions, saying during closing arguments of a three-week hearing that the murder was likely committed by one or two people and wasn't the mass beating described at trial.
    Superior Court Judge Frederick Weisberg will decide whether to overturn the convictions or grant the men a new trial.
    Lawyers for the men have said an "avalanche of new information" points to their clients' innocence in the death of Catherine Fuller on Oct. 1, 1984.

    Lawyers for the group said Monday that scientific evidence shows that Fuller was likely murdered by one or two people because her injuries, bruising on the face and chest, were inconsistent with a group beating.