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Jaywalking in D.C. Gets Woman Arrested

Montgomery County woman says officer pushed her back from street



    Jaywalking in D.C. Gets Woman Arrested

    Jaywalking to a D.C. Metro station landed a Montgomery County woman in jail.
    Leila Nimatallah tells News4 it happened last week in as she was trying to get to the Farragut North station in D.C. She says a police offer stopped her as she was crossing Connecticut Avenue outside of a crosswalk.
    “He said, ‘give me your I.D.,” Nimatallah said. “And I said, ‘I waited for the light to turn red and I walked in the middle of the median; I didn’t do anything wrong.”
    "'This is ridiculous',” she says she replied, and continued to cross the street to the Metro station.
    According to Nimatallah, the officer walked over, got in front of her and pushed her to the edge of the street.
    “I asked him to take his hands off me and stop pushing me back,” said Nimatellah. “He radioed for help.  Six police officers came. They put me in handcuffs and put me in a police car and drove me up to jail.”
    The officer arrested Nimatallah for "failure to obey" his command. She also received a jay walking ticket.
    Nimatallah said she was released after spending three hours in jail. 
    A court date is set for next month.