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Jail Time for Illegal Gun Entrepreneur

Three-year sentence plus probation



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    John M. Walker, illegal gun entrepreneur, learned his fate in court today. 

    He'll spend the next thirty-six months in jail for his home-based black market gun business. Police said he's been cooperative about the whole incident. 

    Walker pled guilty in September to possessing 19 guns that he had converted into high-powered weapons. Police say he would upgrade the guns from semi-automatic to fully automatic, then scratch off the serial numbers.

    Walker was busted when he tried to sell two Uzis to an undercover ATF agent during a sting operation. The going price was $2,000 each. 

    When the feds raided his house in Alexandria, Va., they seized seventy-five guns.

    When Walker gets out of jail, he'll need to stay out of trouble during his next three-years of supervised release.