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Redskins Owner Buys New Superyacht

I'm on a Boat (A Really Expensive One)!



    Redskins Owner Buys New Superyacht
    Dan Snyder's new dinghy, the 224-foot Lady Anne.

    Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is famous for going after high-priced free agents. But his latest big-budget acquisition won’t be helping the team.

    The Redskins owner's new multi-million dollar investment is of sea-faring sort: a 224-foot superyacht named the Lady Anne.

    The Washingon Post reports the big boat set Snyder back about $70 million.  It’s among the 100 largest yachts in the world, according to Power & Motoryacht magazine. Here’s a little look at what $70 million will get you:

    - A spiraling five-story staircase
    - Six staterooms that can accommodate more than a dozen guests
    - A master suite with “rare, pure white triple A-grade Thassos marble”
    - A library
    - A gym

    This week running back Tim Hightower predicted a Super Bowl trip for the Skins this year.  Perhaps the Lady Anne could be the perfect place to celebrate afterwards?