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Hundreds to Protest World’s Richest Man at GWU Graduation

Carlos Slim World's Richest Man



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    Carlos Slim spoke at George Washington University June 30, 2009. The University honored the telecommunications mogul for his philanthropic contributions to business and community development in Mexico and Latin America. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

    The world's richest person, Carlos Slim, will be in the nation's capitol this weekend -- a visit that is causing some controversy.

    Hundreds of people are expected to protest the George Washington University graduation ceremony on the National Mall Sunday, when the university will award an honorary degree to Slim.
    The 72-year-old has a net worth of almost $69 billion.
    Critics say the telecommunications tycoon made his money at the expense of Mexican people.
    They say he crippled the Mexican economy through his business practices and kept millions of Mexicans in poverty.