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How to Play Governor

Video game lets you balance the state's budget



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    If you are good at juggling big numbers, a Maryland nonprofit wants you to visit their Web site.

    The Maryland Budget and Tax Policy Institute came up with a virtual game that allows residents the chance to play governor by balancing the state’s budget, the Associated Press reported.

    The group’s mission is to raise civic literacy and to help people weigh investments the state is making with their tax dollars, director Neil Bergsman said.
    “I thought that doing something that was a little bit like a video game would be able to inform, educate and entertain some people who wouldn’t otherwise come to our sight,” Bergsman told the AP.
    Just like a real life governor, players will have advisors telling them what to do. There is a lot of give and take. Based on the decisions players make, the game automatically adjusts the state’s budget.
    You will experience first hand just how tough it is to cut a $2 billion deficit from the budget.