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Hottest Guys Call Bethesda Home

Women find Hagerstown men homely



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    "I love it when you talk to your broker."

    The Thes proudly boasted Thursday about recognition its home turf is getting for its man candy. ranked Bethesda the No. 1 city in the country for finding hot guys. The rankings are based on the qualities women look for, according to evolutionary psychologist Dr. David Buss: brains, health, emotional stability, ambition and, of course, the filthy lucre.

    Notice sense of humor didn't make the list. We always assumed that was a load of bull, anyway.

    Bad habits tend to turn women off, and those goody two shoes in Bethesda don't drink and don't smoke. What do they do? They make money. According to Forbes, the city is the second smartest and a more-than-average number of residents earn six figures.

    When they aren't making money, they're active, staying healthy and in good shape.

    Sounds exhausting. We'll stick with the jokes.

    Elsewhere in Maryland, Hagerstown finished second among unattractive-guy cities, according to TotalBeauty. With lots of smokers, a 30 percent obesity rate and fewer than 10 percent holding bachelor's degrees, bachelors in Hagerstown are good bets to keep the women at bay. Where are men less attractive? Ladies, pass the old El Paso.

    By the way, Colorado apparently is a state full of hotties. Boulder (No. 2), Fort Collins (No. 4) and Denver (No. 7) all made the Top 10. So ladies, if you can't find your dream lover in Bethesda, go west.