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Home Sweet Home: Army Reserve Finds Stolen Pooch

A passerby spotted the dog in the side of the road



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    Army reserve Ben Terfehr can breathe a sigh of relief now that his best friend and dog, Ellie, is finally back home. The pooch was stolen during a misfortune of events for the University of Maryland student on Wednesday.

    Terfehr’s united with the 8-month old German shorthaired pointer Saturday afternoon at a McDonald's in Annapolis thanks to a passerby who notified police that they spotted the pooch on the side of a road in a crate.

    Anne Arundel County Animal Control said the dog was covered in filth but was in good condition and is expected to be fine.

    On Wednesday night Terfehr left his keys in the ignition of his car before he ran inside an Exxon station in Annapolis. Sadly, when he came out the store, his car was gone and so was Ellie. Terfehr later went on television to make a desperate plea for her safe return. 

    The 22-year-old Criminal justice major will be deployed to Iraq next month.  Ellie, however, will remain with his mother (under lock and key) until he returns.