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Holiday Hair in a 'Snap!'

How to get the holiday hairdo you really want



    Stylist James Cornwell joined Angie Goff on News4 Today to discuss the best hairstyles of the season (Published Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011)

    Stylist James Cornwell from PR at Partners joined Angie Goff in studio to show how easy it is to get great holiday hair. Below is an outline of the examples and advice James shared.

    The Wave: This style is easy to create on any length hair. Choosing the correct size iron and a good setting spray, are key to getting the look. With a little practice, you will look like you just walked out of the salon.
    Shorter Hair: Choose a Small iron, a 1"iron is good for your shorter hair(above the shoulders)
    Medium Hair : Choose a Medium to large iron, a 1 1/2 to 2" iron is good for shoulder length hair.
    Long Hair: Choose a Large Iron. A 2" or larger iron is good for much longer hair.
    Instructions: Simply wrap the hair around the iron without using the curl clamp. Holding on to the ends of the hair, not putting them through the iron clamp, gives a more natural "worn" look. To finish the look use a shine serum, putting some on your hands and running your fingers through the wave.

    The Holiday Updo: The key here is to be creative! Add the clip in's to create volume, depth, high-lights or low-lights. Adding a different tone to your color hair will give a great pop to your updo and create great conversation. Use some shine spray and don't worry about it being perfect.

    The Ponytail: The "Hair Piece" Do not be afraid! They are fun, easy to use, and when you choose the right one,they look amazing! Choose the correct type for your look. If you are doing a slick shiny look, the hair can be faux and shiny and very inexpensive. If you want a more natural feel, you will need to make sure the hair is not synthetic and look "fake". However, there are ways to give a natural look to synthetic or overly shiny hair. Use a matte styling paste, baby powder, or hairspray to coat the hair. Then "rough" the hair with you fingers to work the product in, this will take away the shine and give a more "worn" look!

    Instructions: Slick hair back in to a pony tail. You can do either side of the head. Low or high pony tail, tie off. Then simply clip in the chosen hair style. Most Pieces come with ample clips on them to secure the look, however bobbie pins can be used to help keep it tight. Add a little hair spray or shine, you are ready to go. For more tips visit