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Holding Your Ground During the Next Earthquake

This one may be over, but it’s still good to be prepared



    Holding Your Ground During the Next Earthquake
    U.S. seismic stations reported false earthquakes on the west coast Monday, following mixed signals from a true earthquake off Russia's coast.

    Many were shocked by the early-morning earthquake that rattled the D.C. region. It’s something this area isn’t really accustomed to.

    Because of that, the District has released some earthquake preparation information so citizens can be prepared if there happens to be aftershocks or another earthquake. 

    Some tips if you are indoors:

    • Take cover. A desk, table or bench is best but a doorway will work too.
    • Stay away from windows, outside doors, walls, or anything else that could shatter or collapse.
    • If you are in bed and awake to an earthquake or aftershock cover your head with a pillow. If you have a light fixture or fan above your bed, or a mirror or large headboard, move to a safe place.
    • Stay inside, even after the shaking stops. Most injuries during and after earthquakes occur when people enter or exit structures.

    If you’re outdoors:

    • Don’t try to move to far but get away from buildings, streetlights and overhead wires.

    If you’re driving:

    • Stop driving as quickly and safely as possible and stay in your vehicle. Again avoid stopping near buildings, trees, overpasses or overhead wires.
    • Once the earthquake has stop be careful as you drive and watch out for any road or bridge damage.