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Hogs on the Hill

Police save Hill from swine flu, so they claim



    Hogs on the Hill
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    That probably smells lovely.

    Hey Tourists, Hog Farmers, and Attention-Craving Protest Groups: Leave your hogs and your hog urine home. 

    That's the message being sent by the bacon-hating Capitol Police, who've denied PETA's latest demonstration.

    Those wacky attention lovers at PETA applied for a permit to bring pigs and a whole bunch of nasty pig byproducts to town to highlight their mistreatment and the threat of swine flu, reports the Hill.

    But given their plans, all it'd have done was just tick a bunch of lowly interns and junior staffers off:

    "PETA said it wanted to use giant fans to spread the smells from the animals and their waste across Capitol Hill as a way to draw attention to swine flu and the mistreatment of the animals."


    The Police (note: not the pigs in this case) vetoed the idea, claiming concerns that hog poop and urine would've presented a swine flu threat.  But the paper notes that the CDC says there's basically zero risk of catching the flu from the pigs.

    PETA's executive director wasn't buying it, of course.  She told the paper that "Apparently, it’s not safe to allow Congress members and lobbyists to breathe the noxious fumes emitted by factory farms, but for the millions of rural Americans whose water and air are poisoned by waste and pathogens from the meat industry, tough luck."

    Man, that's almost enough to make us feel guilty and avoid bacon on our sandwiches at lunch today.  Almost.