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Historic Discovery at Manassas Landmark

Graffiti Jumpstarts Fundraising Effort



    Signatures from Civil War soldiers were discovered on the walls of the historic Liberia Plantation in Manassas, Virginia. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014)

    The Liberia Plantation is among Virginia's Top 10 endangered landmarks, according to the state association of museums.

    The home dates back to 1825. During the Civil War it was first occupied by Confederate troops, then by Union soldiers. Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln each visited it.

    Recently, graffiti from the Civil War was found on its walls -- the names of some of the soldiers who camped there.

    The plantation is among the state's most endangered historic artifacts.

    Manassas is hoping to restore the plantation through donations.

    Find out more about that at www.manassasmuseum.org.

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