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Hidden Camera Snagging Northwest D.C. Speeders

Tree keeps camera from view



    Hidden Speed Camera in D.C.

    Derrick Ward reports on a candid camera that catches drivers speeding in the District. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011)

    Speed cameras are common in D.C., but one in particular is causing a stir in Northwest.

    “You can’t imagine how many times that thing flashes within one minute,” neighborhood resident Sonia Campbell said. “I don’t know what they have it set at.”

    Positioned next to a tree on Missouri Avenue just east of Georgia Avenue, the camera is hidden from approaching drivers on a stretch of road notorious for speeding and accidents.

    “You cannot believe the speed of the traffic that travels down Missouri Avenue,” neighborhood resident Logan Watts said. “For a long while, there was a time they didn’t have a speed sign, so they finally put the speed limit signs up.”

    About a block away from the camera, one of those signs shows it’s a 25 mph zone, but no signs alert drivers to the camera.

    “It should be posted so that drivers know that it’s there,” Campbell said.

    In some cases, speed cameras are accompanied by warning signs, but a spokesperson for the police department was unaware of a legal obligation to post such signs. A complete list of photo enforcement locations is available on the police department website.

    The hidden camera looks like a revenue generator to some who spoke to News4. Others said that if you obey the speed limit, speed cameras are not an issue.