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Heroic Chihuahua Dies

Coco passed away from the same fire he saved his owner from



    The Power of a Positive Attitude

    Coco the dog died from injuries sustained in a fire last Thursday.

    The 4-month-old Chihuahua quickly won the hearts of people around the region after making headlines for saving his owner, a truck driver, when smoke broke out in their big rig.
    Something went terribly wrong while they were stopped at the Myersville Truck Stop in Frederick, Md. and the cab began filling up with smoke.
    Coco jumped into action, frantically barking until his owner woke up and got them both out of the truck.
    Both were rushed to hospitals. Veterinarians at Cumberland Valley Veterinary Clinic said Coco was in critical condition before he died on Sunday.
    According to WHAG, Coco’s owner, Tim Harris, of Florida, suffered second-degree burns and was treated at Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore.
    Coco’s popularity soared when his story got out. The Humane Society said they received donations to help Coco from all over the world including South Korea and even Mexico. About $3,000 of the funds will go towards paying Coco's for medical bills and his cremation.
    The loyal Chihuahua puppy will be remembered for his heroism and quick thinking.