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Hands (and Pants) Off My Cell

D.C.'s women prefer their cells to men



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    This gives a new meaning to three-way calling.

    What's better than a little sweet, sweet love?  Gabbing on your cell phone to your mother and business partners, apparently.

    Three out of 10 D.C. residents would rather give up a little romantic time (bow-chicka-wow-wow) than their cell phones, according to a study by Samsung Mobile.

    Ma Bell over ringing Ma's bell?  Depends, really, on whether you're a guy or a girl.  The study found that 38% of D.C.'s women would rather live a chaste and virtuous life for a year than give up their cell phones.  On the other hand, only 9% of D.C.'s lecherous men would do the same.

    Whether that's more a sign of the quality of D.C.'s male population or a comment on their desperation was left unanswered by the study.

    The study also showed that 32% of Washingtonians text rather than actually calling up and breathing heavily on the phone.  Presumably, the guys are busily texting, trying to find the 62% of the female population that isn't as wedded to their cell phones as their pants.

    Even better, D.C. residents spend up to 20% of their day blathering on on the phone. That's a lot of time that could otherwise be spent doing ... whatever it is D.C. residents do when they're not blabbing on the phone.