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Guandique's Former Cellmate Describes Conversation



    The latest testimony in the trial of the man accused of killing Chandra Levy. Courtroom sketches by Bill Hennessy. (Published Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010)

    Jurors heard explosive testimony Thursday morning from Ingmar Guandique's former cellmate, who said Guandique confessed to killing Chandra Levy.

    Armando Morales testified that Guandique told him he intended to steal from Levy, not kill her. Guandique was concerned other inmates would think he was a rapist because he was linked to the Levy investigation, Morales said.

    "I killed that [expletive], but I didn't rape her," Morales recalled Guandique saying in 2006 while he gave testimony Thursday morning. "He told me he saw her walking in the park. He hid in the bushes ... She was alone ... She had one of those waist pouches ... He told me he ran up, grabbed her from behind, pulled her off the trail ... She was fighting. She was struggling.

    "By the time I pulled her in the bushes she stopped struggling," Morales recalled Guandique saying. "I didn't know she was dead ... If I knew she was dead I would have never gone back to the park to steal."

    Police said Guandique went back to Rock Creek Park a few days later in May 2001 and tried to assault another woman and then again in July. He was convicted of those two crimes, which police later used to link him to Levy's death.

    Morales, 49, entered the courtroom Thursday in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit. He remains in federal prison for a number of crimes, including assaults, robberies and drug convictions.

    Morales said he kept his conversation with Guandique to himself until he saw a TV report about Guandique being charged in Levy's murder.

    Defense attorneys are expected to try to discredit Morales's story during cross-examination.

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