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Protesters Try to Plant Hemp on DEA's Lawn

Protesters unhappy with DEA restrictions



    Protesters Try to Plant Hemp on DEA's Lawn
    The DEA apparently doesn't want one of these on its lawn, either.

    If you were wandering around Pentagon City this afternoon, wondering what that musty, earthy smell in the air was, we've got your answer: hemp protesters.

    A group of farmers and pro-hemp activists descended on DEA headquarters on Army Navy Drive this morning, armed with shovels and seeds. Since the DEA won't let them grow hemp at home in accordance with state law, they argued, they'd just plant some on the DEA's front lawn.

    Six protesters armed with ceremonial chrome shovels were arrested after digging up the lawn and are being held in Arlington County jail. The Man really is unfair.

    One of the protesters, WayneHauge, of North Dakota, claims that he's fully licensed by the state to grow non-drug industrial hemp.   Despite that, the DEA, which apparently has little use for belts made of hemp, has ruled that the program isn't OK under federal law.

    So the protesters are arguing for states' rights, although appealing to the first African-American president with that loaded phrase and all its historical uses might not be the smartest strategy.

    The protesters are expected to be released today, perhaps with a puff of white smoke signifying their release.