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Google Knows What You've Been Searching in 2010

List may suggest region's studious nature



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    Last week Ashburn, Va., was named the Most Obscene City in America based on a study of Google search trends for George Carlin's "Seven dirty words you can never say on television."

    This week, Google has released a list of the top 10 search terms in major cities.

    So what's on Washington's mind? 

    The Redskins? No.

    The Nationals? Har.

    Here are the top 10 searches:

    1. jiffy lube live
    2. founding farmers
    3. gwmail
    4. fcps blackboard
    5. nova community college
    6. weather dc
    8. gaylord national harbor
    9. metro dc
    10. e street cinema

    It appears our area is interested in entertainment, green restaurants, school work, weather and getting around via Metro.

    It should be noted that Google also broke down search terms for Baltimore, so that could partly explain why the list leans more heavily toward Virginia suburbs than those in Maryland, although the Baltimore list is packed with Johns Hopkins references.

    And as DCist points out, "... people are either really interested in Founding Farmers, or just can't remember the restaurant's URL."

    We're not offended. We're sure is already in your favorites.